Why New York Thieves prefer iPhone from Android mobiles


We have previously mentioned that criminality in New York has increased significantly over the past year and that the police were particularly concerned about this as it was for 20 and for years more efforts to fight crime were effective since New York each year saw a decrease exception in the previous year.

The reason was the frequent attacks on unsuspecting Apple and Apple users and the iPhone. But why do the thieves seem to prefer the iPhone and not for example the Samsung Galaxy S3?

This answer came after a survey today Our Strengths. So the reasons are two with the first being the metropolitan value of the iPhone that is clearly far superior to any Android mobile. The second is that for thieves it is very easy to distinguish an iPhone in the hands of an unsuspecting man the same as an iPad. On the contrary, it is difficult to distinguish an expensive Android device from a cheap because of their external appearance and the quality of materials that are almost identical.

Presumably New York City's criminals are snapping up iPods, iPhones, and iPads because they prefer Apple's battery life over its competitors, but because the resale market for Apple devices is robust and predictable. According to the Wall Street Journal, high tariffs in countries like Brazil can drive up the price of a new entry-level iPhone 4 to $ 1,000, so the used ones go for as much as $ 400 there. Here in the US, secondhand dealers buying bulk on Craigslist pay as much as $ 500 for a used iPhone 5. Demand is strong. Resale prices are high. There are millions of iPhones out there, but unlike many other products in our age of plenty, they have not yet become too abundant to steal.

With other brands, theft is an iffier proposition. That snatchable seven-inch non-Apple tablet could have an initial retail price anywhere between $ 99 and $ 499, and there may not be much of a secondhand market. This is a bigger crime than ever before: No one wants to be the chump who earns a stretch in the Big House for strong-arming some cheapskate out of what after closer inspection turns out to be a Nook Simple Touch.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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