Foxconn Foxconn Accessory Maker Says iPhone 5S to Come In June


Most rumors want the iPhone 5S to come this fall, 12 months after the launch of the iPhone 5, however an Foxconn interface manufacturer is sure to come a long way before.

According to a "confidential presentation" made for accessories for the iPhone 5S, the device will be featured in June, and usually Chinese accessory manufacturers are not credible to figure out when a product will come out because they follow the same rumors we follow and the rest, the guy is so sure he will come out in the summer, which will begin production.

In addition, the company said in the presentation that it will get Apple's certification for its accessories, and that it has worked closely with Foxconn to make it available the same day that the devices will be available.

We've seen back in the past companies making pockets for an expected Apple device, because everyone wants to be the first, but they always rely on rumors that have leaked. It is the first time a company claims to have contacts with Foxconn, which means that the iOS device maker may have relationships with some trusted accessory manufacturers, giving them accurate information about upcoming products, and Apple not to knows.

Apple used to introduce the new iPhone in June at WWDC, but changed dates with the iPhone 4S and is now showing it in the autumn. We do not think it's going to make a change again with iPhone 5S, but that leakage might mean we're making a mistake, and indeed the next generation of iPhone will make it look earlier.

There is, however, the possibility that the above information is completely wrong. However, so far it is the most believable leak that has been released for iPhone 5S.

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