How the US lost $ 2 billion due to the NSA

The global scope of US spy operations seems to cost America, with only one 4.500.000.000 dollar deal.

Reuters says Brazil has signed a $ 4,5 billion dollar contract for the purchase of fighter jets by Swedish company Saab AB, overtaking an agreement that has been in place for years with US airline Boeing.
Gripen NG
Although Saab is reported to have given a better offer, Brazilian officials are accusing recent reports of US espionage for the unfortunate outcome of the deal.

"The NSA problem will destroy the Americans," an anonymous source from the Brazilian government told Reuters.

The timing of this announcement is not surprising. The deal to replace the outdated Brazilian fighter fleet has been in negotiations for more than a decade. OR Boeing promoted the F / A-18 Super Hornet that are considered as a pioneer of their kind. However, recent revelations that the US National Security Service wants to spy on the Brazilian government, including President Dilma Rousseff's personal communications, have led the decision makers to believe they could not trust the US airline.
The contract that ended with Saab AB requests the Swedish company to provide 36 new fighter jets Gripen NG until 2020. The damage to the US economy, in addition to the $ 4.5 billions of airplanes, should also add billions of contracts to follow for maintenance and service.

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