Thousands of bogus Twitter accounts on botnet

Most Twitter users are familiar with followers who have odd names and avatars. Everybody knows that they are probably automated bogus accounts, known as bots.


Its true users Twitter often reject these bots when they decide to settle their account a little. But an English researcher believes there are a lot more bots out there than what we think and that we see from time to time in our account.

The bots are with you
Juan Echeverria, a computer technician at UCL, has published a document about a 350.000 Twitter bots network he calls the Star Wars botnet. He believes that they can send spam, manipulate public opinion, and infect the Twitter API stream. Bots were created and controlled centrally by a botmaster. His research began by sifting a sample equal to 1% of Twitter users in order to better understand how people use this medium. But along the way, research has revealed many linked accounts, which means that a person or a group is running the botnet. These bills do not behave like most bots out there.

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Echeverria and his colleagues found that Star Wars Bots:

  • They send quotes from at least 11 Star Wars novels,
  • Each tweet contains only one offer, often with incomplete sentences or broken words at the beginning or end
  • Bots never do retweet.
  • Each bot has created <= 11 tweets during its lifetime.
  • Each bot has <= 10 followers and <= 31 friends.
  • Bots choose the source of their tweets only "Twitter for Windows Phone".

Echeverria and colleagues have started one page and Twitter account called "That is a bot!", where real users can report the Bots they have seen and help raise awareness.

May The Force Be With You.

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