0Day for all versions of Windows: Available now

A security researcher has publicly revealed an 0Day that affects all supported versions of Microsoft's operating system.

The vulnerability of Windows that affects both server versions was publicly disclosed when the company was unable to correct the error within 120 days.0Day

0Day was discovered by Lucas Leong of the Trend Micro Security research team and is located in Microsoft Jet's Jet Database Engine. Vulnerability could allow an attacker to run remotely malicious code on any vulnerable Windows computer.

Microsoft Jet Database Engine or simply JET (from Joint Engine Technology) is a database engine built into many Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.

According to an announcement issued by the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), the vulnerability is due to a problem with the management of the Jet Database Engine pointers that if successfully exploited, it can cause out-bounds memory write, and remote code execution.

The attacker should persuade the target to open a specially crafted JET database to exploit the vulnerability and remotely execute the malicious code on the target computer.

According to ZDI researchers, the vulnerability exists in all supported versions of Windows, namely: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Server Edition 2008 to 2016.

ZDI reported vulnerability to Microsoft on 8 May and the company confirmed the error on 14 May but failed to correct the vulnerability and release some update within 120 days. So ZDI released publicly the vulnerability.
You also published from Trend Micro in one GitHub page.
Microsoft is reportedly developing a vulnerability update and since it did not exist on Patch Tuesday in September, we will probably see it in the October updates.

Trend Micro recommends Windows users not to open files from unreliable sources.


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