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  1. They just got used to it.
    All my arguments seem one-sided, the fact that windows is the most common we knew.
    My mother never managed to learn windows, it was much easier with linux.
    Her complaints after using both functional.

    - In windows he deleted the "shortcut" and believed that the corresponding software was completely deleted from the PC.

    - He learned to uninstall software and in the search he still found files from the software.

    - After each update the edge was again the default browser.

    - How many times did he try not to have the password from the microsoft account in the login.

    - When he finally logged in the pin and wanted to change it, he was looking for it for how long.

    - It took out the synchronization data with cloud as a security problem, when it activated it had in the file manager "Desktop" and "Desktop". Many times because of this he lost files.

    - She had never been able to choose when to do an upgrade, so she closed the laptop to go to work and update without even asking.

    All he wanted was to watch series.
    Linux and learned it all in one week.
    As for the offices, they once sent her a .doc file from a public service.
    The antivirus took it out as a virus, the offices said it was an old version. He finally opened it with libreoffice.
    I decided to format Linux when he called to ask me what the registry is.

    • "I decided to format in Linux when he called me to ask what the registry is", do not be lucky :)

      • Yes indeed.
        And I almost never managed to be there because of work, so he tried to solve a random tutorial.

        I remember that the process for upgrading windows had started. When it stopped at 33% and shut down the laptop. When it reopened it would continue from there (from 33%). The problem is that he opened it, when he sat in a cafe that did not have a charger and just wanted to see replies to mail, the laptop started the update again, it left the message "do not close the laptop" until the upgrade, it was closed by battery. Then it came out repairing windows etc.
        Followed a random tutorial and ended up searching the registry.

        Linux saved me,
        the only "problem" now is that I do not have 30 unanswered questions every week, and I only receive holiday greetings.
        Windows problems in some cases unite families.

  2. Fortunately, there are you who, for reasons that are indifferent to me, write or republish (!) Such articles and fatally irritate people who have a real and thorough opinion, with the result that the rest of us, the lucky ones, read a little truth.

  3. Do you not think that Microsoft with Windows monitors and records us?

  4. Also Dimitris. If it is to present someone else's opinions for your own, it would be good not to just do a translation of the article you found but to tell us that the article is someone else's. But I have to admit and congratulate you on that, the translation of the article is excellent. You got a job not funny. At least the translation is not a genuine google translation. And for proof:

    At least you changed the photos. The embedded video though?

  5. I understand the purpose of the article, but it rather confuses and discourages a new user than helps him in something.

    The target audience of the article will probably not be a master of Photoshop, nor will they make productions with Premiere Pro (I will not even mention that 7zip and IrfanView are used as arguments), while MS Office is right , as it is a serious shortcoming for most. The user who is thinking of going to Linux is not a gamer, nor will he go and put Arch as a beginner, to break it after an update. An Ubuntu / Mint will set up where everything will be ready and functional. Probably more functional than Windows.

    I would not like to expand further, but the next time you try to be objective it would be good to present serious arguments for both sides of the coin. I'm sorry to read an article written like a company press release.

  6. Admittedly a very good commercial. Even Nadella would not write something so "wonderful".
    Moving away from aphorism, we go to some essentials. The windows license costs (I'm not talking about the "licenses" of 10 €, but the official ones), while linux is free (I'm not talking about red hat).

    In windows to see an old scanner and printer, we have to say the despot, Panagiotis. In linux we see it as a general purpose printer - scanner, at once.

    In windows we have lost files. In linux, never.
    For the average user (ie 70-0% of computers) who want to watch a video, listen to the radio, read any news, enter the favabook or open / write a letter, linux is completely unproblematic.

    Its updates are more frequent than windows, it does not need 7-zip as it compresses / decompresses everything, it does not need the (official) very expensive office since libre-star etc offices are more powerful in every way from MS office, does not need very expensive photoshop since Gimp is also powerful etc etc.

    Finally, yes. The nonsense for the average command line user is coercive. But isn't the use of the power shell equally unknown to the average user?

    Finally YES! Linux fragmentation is THE big issue of linux. But we have democracy (?) So everyone can "speak their language", set up their own desktop, try out their own (sometimes innovative) proposals to the computer community.
    So, for the average computer user, using a linux is completely hassle-free and completely comfortable, without the need for any special familiarity.

    ps. the mentioned photoshop, premiere and dreamweaver that do not run on windows belong to the same company. At Adobe. So, closing out, as I started, “not even Narayeen, Adobe Ceo, would set up such a great commercial.
    George do not grumble, it is not a matter of wallet, but a matter of pluralism as you think how (how monotonous and boring) the planet would be if all people spoke English (beeeee) or if all people were white, 1.90 with green eyes and black hair.

    • I do not grumble, I totally agree, I have been using linux for years, I am not convincing Dimitris

    • Three pc at home. One desktop and two laptops. One laptop with Kali. The article is general and is aimed at dummies.

      I insist that new users and those who do not have the appetite to deal with computers, rather than doing their standard job as easily as possible, it is better to go to Windows.

      This does not apply to you and me.

      • The fact that one laptop has Kali on it says absolutely nothing. Thereafter. The new user who does not know what is happening to him with what he learns will find it easier. And I bring you as an example my 78-year-old father who, while working as a professor of philology and then as a high school teacher, had not touched any keyboard other than the typewriter. After he retired he found out that he could find fellow students etc on facebook, he found out that he wanted to write things, and much more. So he needed a computer. Due to financial constraints, the only machine available was an old laptop with minimal capabilities, which could not "lift" Windows of any version except the XP. So a nice Xubuntu came in and the rest as they say is history. He used the laptop for about 4 years. When we finally got to get him a new one and he first tried Windows 10 the first question was: Can't we do it like the other? Xubuntu is back and dad is happy, and I know even more why I do not need to do regular virus tests, I did not have to eat two hours of my life to do debloating, and most importantly I do not need to hear every three or so moans because suddenly shut down the laptop to update, or why it is crawling, or why the antibiotic is throwing messages all the time. For those who do not want to bother I will totally agree that if it is an old (but simple) user it is not for linux. But for someone who is a new user then goes to the above category and if he does not want to deal then either put windows or some simple linux distribution is one and the same. Suppose that with linux it is even more secure as a point because the app stores (generally and abusively I use the term) of linux definitely have tested software in relation to the Windows app store. For the history I have been working since 2003 as a domain administrator and I have worked extensively with almost all versions of both windows servers until 2016 and all versions of windows except windows 8 / 8.1. Personally for me the turning point was the 8 amps where the interface was really tragic, and the final blow was the pointless changes to the interface, the incredibly bloatware, the updates, and my worst bad habit that the 10 amps used to have after big updates to reset the settings I had made to the defaults that MS wanted. Some of them were fixed, some of them got worse, I no longer deal with windows servers at work and I can not imagine my desktop with 10 arias even in my worst nightmare. I apologize for the extensive answer

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