10 sneaky tricks used in food photos

Have you noticed the delightful photos I have on the food packaging? or on an ad on TV? The food you buy in shops and restaurants is never as delicious as they appear in their promotional photos. There is a great chance that you never enjoy the food appearing in these pictures.


The reason is because professionals food photographers use all kinds of non-edible products to make appetizing food in front of a lens. Below you can see a 9 minute video describing 10 best tricks used to pull these delicious photos. And, of course, there are not others.

You will be surprised by the techniques and the types of materials that replace the edible products. For example:

1. cotton balls are blazed and heated to provide continuous steam.
2. Potato paste serves as an ice cream substitute
3. Glue is used as a substitute for milk
4. Footprint painted with shoe polish to look cooked on the grill
5. Shaving cream for whipped cream
6. Spray fruit with deodorant for an exceptionally glamorous look
7. Colored candle to improve the appearance and consistency of sauces
8. Cardboard used as a cake separator and as a charger
9. Fresh chickens stuffed with absorbent paper and painted to achieve a delicious brown skin
10. Pancakes sprayed with fabric protector and engine oil as syrup

Watch the video below and never think you see !!

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