10 Happy iPhone: Where's the Boat?

10 Years of iPhone: Ten years ago on June 29, 2007 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Steve Jobs announced: "Today we will write history". It was the beginning of the presentation of a product that would forever change the existing market.

Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone 9: 40 in the morning, saying that Apple will present three products: An iPod, a phone and an Internet communicator. After that he mentioned that the three above devices come in one called the iPhone.

Since then, much has been done. But after ten years of new iPhone something does not seem to pull.10 Happy iPhone

We quote from our previous publications:

2015 Immigration in the world of technology is something normal, and even expected, but during the Apple Developers Conference on Monday, Tim Cook and his company were rather disappointed.
To date, Apple has established itself in the minds of consumers, as a pioneering company that creates totally new things. For example, on the reign of Jobs, he created the smartphone with the mp3 player, which has made them very much in the eyes of the buying audience. This year, however, it did not look like a major upgrade of applications and services.
Read the whole article All were copies.

2016 Apple's winning corporation has reached record levels. With 14's continued years of revenue growth, the company boasts its dominance in technology, among very strong opponents.
But the company will probably confirm that this series has come to an end when it officially announces the fourth quarter earnings. For the 2016 financial year ended September 30, analysts' estimates predicted that Apple would reveal 215.670.000.000 dollars as annual revenue while 2015 had announced 233.720.000.000 $

Read it: Fall of Apple after 14 years at the top. Random?

Apple's Jobs seems to be a story. The new Apple, as a Tim Cook company, continued to enjoy the glories and brand awareness that Jobs created.

A brand name inherent in the innovation, smart products and design that was ahead of its era.

In the time of Tim Cook, innovation is called Apple Watch, iPhone SE, or pink gold color?

Apple has to stop being Jobs's boy and become the mother of new innovative products that will make her regain her old glory. (Does history reminisce of Greece today?)

Otherwise; The numbers unfortunately are relentless ...

Yesterday we published the article Xiaomi Mi 6 breaks the AnTuTu benchmark record. Now there are other interesting devices for those who want a high-end device and the upcoming Xiami Mi 6 is just one example.

In order not to misunderstand I'm an iPhone user and I'm very happy with the device. I did not buy 6S before but I did not get 7 Plus this year.

Hopefully the upcoming 2017 iPhone will make a difference. The company had promised it to its buying public. Shareholders meanwhile observe from the corner…

For those who want to remember when we first introduced the first iPhone, we cite the 2007 video:

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