Earn 100GB storage space in Microsoft's OneDrive #OneDrive

Microsoft officially re-launched the cloud-based SkyDrive storage service with the new OneDrive name as the previous SkyDrive signal was claimed by a company from the United Kingdom.

The company now offers not only 7 GB free storage on new recordings, but also gives 3 GB free of charge by enabling camera roll backup to automatically store their photos.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is available on the Internet, right from your browser, and in the latest versions of Windows, Windows Phone the Office and the Xbox.

Η Microsoft continuing to promote the "new" product offers 100 GB of free storage for 1 year to 100.000 people.

"To celebrate its official release OneDrive, today we will give 100.000 people 100 GB free storage space for 1 year. If you want to be one of these 100.000, follow the @OneDrive for more information" he said Chris Jones, corporate vice president of Windows Services.

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