10MB disc of the 60 decade

Disc 10MB of incredible size: To get hard drives to the point we know today have gone through many stages. Imagine that the 1 terabyte landmark has just reached 2007, that is, it took 51 for years to come. The 2 terabytes came much faster, 2009, that took only 2 years.

This difference gives us an idea of ​​the growth rate of digital storage technology that was actually launched by 1956.

But the evolution of capacity is not the only impressive element since there have been very significant changes in the size and price of hard disks.

Until 1957, the data was stored in movies. Then, for the first time, IBM introduced the 305 RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control) hard drive. It consisted of 50 boards, it had a diameter of 24 inches and a total capacity of 5 MB, a huge capacity for the season.

The disk cost $ 35,000 a year (renting because IBM did not sell the disk) and had a double the size of a refrigerator.

The first model, using Float on Air technology in the recording head, was named Winchester 3030 (because the technology was developed in Winchester, England). This particular tray had two sides and each one could store 30 MB!

Ο below disk which we present today, is presented by Dr John E Kelly III and concerns a hard capacity 10MB. Build 1960.



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