The smallest hacker admits his guilt for hacking on government sites

hackerA 12-year from Canada admitted his guilt for hacking on government and police websites during his rebellion 2012 from the students of Quebec. The attacks were carried out in collaboration with Anonymous.

According to Toronto Sun, the young man, living in a suburb of Montreal, appeared in court on Thursday, accompanied by his father.

The naughty little man has confessed his guilt to three charges relating to the piracy of Montreal, the Police, the Quebec Public Health Institute, the Government of Chile, and some others.

The attacks have put the websites out of service for at least two days, and the police believe that 60.000 dollars were worth damages.
The boy's lawyer told the court that the actions of 12 had no political motivation:

He saw it as a challenge, he was only 12 years old. . There was no political expediency.

The class reports that the young hacker has been dealing with computers since he was 9. It also states that the websites have received three different types of attack:

  • Shared Denial of Service attacks (DDoS)
  • Deface (Deforming the Pages). See at Pastebin for a message posted on the Montreal police website in French and English.
  • Exploit security gaps to gain access to server databases.
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The young hacker allegedly managed to obtain personal data belonging to users and site administrators. According to Toronto Sun, he exchanged information from his attacks on video games.

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