14-year-old breaks Australian currency code in 1 hour

Australia's Cyber ​​Security and Foreign Intelligence Service celebrated her Her 75th anniversary partnering with the Australian Mint to release a special commemorative coin with a four-level secret code.

The director of the mint even said that if someone breaks all four levels of the code, "to apply for a job."asdcoin

But a 14-year-old broke their code "in just over an hour". Australia's national broadcaster he says:coinaus


The ASD said the currency's four different levels of encryption were progressively harder to crack and clues could be found on both sides, but ASD director general Rachel Noble said in a speech at the Lowy Institute on Friday that a A 14-year-old made it in just over an hour...

"Simply unbelievable. Can you imagine being his mom?”

"So we hope to meet him soon... to recruit him...".

On Friday he also revealed that there was a fifth level of encryption in the coin that no one had cracked…. still.

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