November 15, 2022 Eight Billion Day

Eight Billion Day, celebrated on November 15, 2022, has been designated by the United Nations as the approximate day on which the world's population will reach eight billion people.

It follows Seven Billion Day, celebrated on October 31, 2011, and Six Billion Day, celebrated on October 12, 1999.

Sur les 8 milliards

Former UN Secretary-General António Guterres described the milestone as an occasion to "celebrate our diversity, recognize our common humanity and marvel at advances in health" while considering "our shared responsibility to care for our planet and ... each other".

The 2022 date was chosen based on data projections from the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).

The increase in world population to eight billion people in 2022 – up from five billion in 1987, six billion in 1999 and seven billion in 2011 – reflects positive developments in areas such as global health and poverty eradication. Significant reductions in global infant and maternal mortality rates, especially in the 21st century, have led to dramatic increases in global life expectancy – and therefore total population.

"Population growth is currently concentrated in the world's poorest countries, while some of the richest countries are beginning to see population decline," UNFPA Senior Economic and Demographic Advisor Michael Herrmann wrote on July 11, 2022.

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Day of Eight Billion

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