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A new NSA tool, XKeyscore, has been unveiled for real-time tracking

A new NSA tool, XKeyscore, has been unveiled for real-time tracking

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The story with NSA it 's a little hard to forget. Especially when every day that passes a new information appears that upsets public opinion. Today, The Guardian published a very large article stating that the NSA could collect data "almost from what a user does on the Internet" with a tool that just today saw the light of day. The article was published after new data submitted by Edward Snowden.

XKeyscore map 010 - New NSA tool unveiled, XKeyscore for real-time surveillance

The program xkeyscore watched emails, The social networks and browsing history of each user. It stores it to be accessible by NSA analysts without any legal approval.

Η Guardian states that the NSA 's top secret allows analysts to search from a large database "containing emails, web chats and the browsing history of millions of people". In the leaked documents, the NSA described the XKeyscore program as a "broader" information system.

While PRISM gives access to stored data, XKeyscore appears to provide access to data directly during transport, either from Telco's facilities or fiber optics.

So intelligence analysts can combine data from XKeyscore with data stored by other NSA programs. We are now talking about real-time monitoring with a huge database for data retrieval.

"XKeyscore provides the technological capability, but not the legal power, to target individuals in the United States for extensive electronic surveillance without a warrant," said Glenn Greenwald, a Guardian reporter.

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