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Scam the death of Michael Schumacher

Scam the death of Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

The Grenoble Hospital denied Thursday's Twitter fame that 1 World Champion's seven-year-old Michael Schumacher has died, but this has not prevented dozens of journalists from gathering to gather more information.

Michael Schumacher - Scam the death of Michael Schumacher

"The hospital denies that the Michael Schumacher he died, "said one representative at the French Agency.

The German pilot, aged 45 years, is hospitalized in Grenoble after his serious head injury while skiing at the Meribel Ski Center on Dec. 29.

The reputation for his death began from Twitter and spread very quickly to the media.

Early on Thursday afternoon, at least five television crews had cameras outside the hospital waiting for newer information.

Many rumors of this type have been circulating in the last few weeks, following the accident, but they have all been denied.

Doctors at the Grenoble Hospital have begun the process of waking Michael Schumacher from the artificial coma, but this process may take a long time, said his spokesman, Sabine Kem, last week.


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