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GPU with mushrooms

GPU with mushrooms


And suddenly your computer refuses to start. Complete curiosity about why, you decide to open the lid of your tower pc for the first time. You look ecstatic on the huge board with CPU, fans, GPU and mushrooms.

11 - GPU with mushrooms

The user of Reddit / u / thjake uploaded to PC Master Race subreddit images from an infected person GPU.

It was a computer tower that had been used for a month and a mushroom-shaped fungi had been developed on the GPU (graphics card). Probably the mushrooms grew during this month and, in addition to the general lack of cleanliness, the computer must be in a humid environment.

The experienced user of Reddit / u / cheelos explains that the mushrooms seem to be Psilocybe cubensis, also known as magic mashrooms.

There are some details about how the mushrooms could have grown, but despite the comments written down below, thrjake has not published anything other than uploading the images.

2 - GPU with mushrooms

It is a bit suspicious and some users argue that if the mushrooms had grown on the graphics card then they would have to be turned toward the nearest light source and should therefore have been shot at 90 degrees.

No one knows the exact truth but one is certain. You should regularly clean your computer.

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