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The week that begins on September 12 in the next iPhone

The week that begins on September 12 in the next iPhone


According to Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) who has a fairly good reputation in mobile information leakage the iPhone 7 is ready to be released during the week starting at 12 in September. iphone - The week that starts on September 12 the next iPhone

This coincides with earlier rumors that wanted the device to be released early in mid-September.

Historically, Apple has maintained a rather tight schedule in its releases for so many years. S versions usually improve the previous version, offering few new features.

This year, the upcoming release could look like a simple "S" update as a bigger update is planned for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone next year.

Patience for all interested and we will see… It will be really interesting to see how the sales of this model will go, when there is the promising for a super iPhone in 2017.

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