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What does Firefox pingsender do in Windows?

What does Firefox pingsender do in Windows?

Pingsender: If you monitor the connections made by your computer, you might notice that a program called pingsender.exe is very often connected to the Internet.spy - What does Firefox pingsender do on Windows?

Depending on the program or service you use to track connections, you may have additional information. For example, the Windows Firewall Control displays the IP address of the connection and the company that digitally signed the executable files.

The image below shows a login attempt signed by Mozilla Corporation to an IP address owned by Amazon's AWS Cloud service.
pingsender - What does Firefox pingsender do in Windows?

You may also have noticed that pingsender.exe is activated every time you close the Firefox web browser.

The article "Getting Firefox data faster: pingsender shutdown" or "Getting Firefox data faster: the shutdown pingsender" by Alessio Placitelli provides additional information about the executable file.

Firefox collects data if telemetry is enabled. Your browser transfers data very often to Mozilla.
This means that Mozilla has data from the browser.

Pingsender activates and starts as a separate process during Firefox shutdown and attempts to send telemetry data collected during your browsing period.

Mozilla even managed to significantly reduce shipping time. According to Placitelli, 85% of pings reach Mozilla within an hour, and 95% do so within the first 8 hours.

In short: Pingsender is a separate process run by Firefox to send telemetry data to Mozilla.

If you now want to see what data Mozilla collects through Firefox, go to about: telemetry in Firefox.

If this makes you a little nervous, you can set up a process by opening the address in Firefox:

about: preferences # privacy.

If Ringsender.exe is the problem for you, you can turn this feature off completely by following these steps:

Open the address


A Firefox configuration window will open after confirming that you know the risk.
The preference toolkit.telemetry.shutdownPingSender.enabled tool determines whether Ringsender is used or not.

You can turn it off by setting its value to False. Just double click.
The toolkit.telemetry.shutdownPingSender.enabledFirstSession tool also activates Pingsender for the first session.
1 - What does Firefox pingsender do in Windows?

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