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Sonar free Microsoft tool for web analytics

Sonar free Microsoft tool for web analytics

Wondering if your website is properly coded? The Microsoft Edge development team recently created Sonar, an open source tool for testing your site for performance and security issues.sonar - Microsoft free sonar web analytics tool

Sonar was first announced by Microsoft at the JS Foundation in June as part of the company's continued commitment to working with the open source community. Today the tool is now ready for anyone who wants to use it on any kind of web site.

If you want to try out the new tool, give the URL of the page you are interested in and Sonar will analyze your site for accessibility, interoperability, performance, and security issues.

Once your page has been scanned, it will tell you the errors found and explain what is going on, highlighting the problematic points in the code while giving you some possible solutions.

Antón Molleda, senior manager of the Microsoft Edge project, explained that Sonar has better capabilities than other similar tools by running your site's code in a container rather than just doing a static analysis for more accurate results.

The open source application can run directly from your browser, but also from a command-line window.

Sonar is ready for immediate use by the address at the end of the publication and will soon acquire more capabilities according to the company.

Instructions for use for advanced and developers


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