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Tor Browser come exciting changes!

Tor Browser come exciting changes!

If you are using Tor Browser on MacOS or Linux, you should upgrade to 7.0.9 version. Firefox-based software can "accidentally" leak your real public IP address through malicious files: // URLs.

"The messages of our sandboxed-tor-browser users and users are not affected," says the Tor Project.tor - Tor Browser exciting changes are coming!

After the above news, let's move on to more enjoyable news:

The next time we see the biggest Tor Browser update released to date, which is said to add additional layers of security

Tor Browser developers currently have the alpha version that promises optimization in the anonymous network for the first time in the last 10 years!

The change log of Tor Browser provides a very good overview of the upcoming changes. Some of these are aimed at addressing newly identified security flaws in the protocol, such as the security gap we mentioned at the beginning.

With enough malicious nodes, an opponent could begin mapping paths and thereby reduce anonymity. The upcoming update will make this type of attack much harder, if not impossible.

"It's not a revolution, it's more an evolution," said Professor Alan Woodward, a computer scientist at the University of Surrey.

"It has some interesting new features, mainly related to client authenticity and scalability, which can help onion security."

In a blog post published on Thursday, Tor's developers promise additional innovations.

"As the current code is further stabilized, we plan to add features such as offline service keys, advanced client authorization, control port interface, enhanced security algorithms, secure naming systems, statistics, latency routing, blockchain support, V logic and AI. We plan to do it slowly, as there is a lot to do. ”

Tor Network and Tor Browser
Tor (abbreviation of The onion router) is a system that allows its users to anonymity on the Internet.

Tor client software launches online traffic through a global, voluntary network of servers to hide a user's location or use of traffic from anyone who conducts online web traffic analysis or analysis.

Using Tor makes it difficult to trace the user's online activity, including visits to a web site, online posts, instant messaging programs and other online communication tools, and is intended to protect the individual's freedom, privacy and user ability to conduct confidential work without registering its online activities.

"Onion routing" refers to the stratified nature of the encryption service: the original data is encrypted and re-encrypted multiple times, then sent through successive Tor nodes, each decrypting an encryption layer before transferring the data to the next node, and finally to their destination.

This reduces the likelihood of deciphering or understanding the original data during transfer. Tor is free client software and its use is free of charge.

Information from WikiPedia

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