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Chrome the end of unwanted redirects

Chrome the end of unwanted redirects

Google is developing new security features for Chrome to make it difficult for third-party ads to show pop-ups or redirects if they click inside the webpage that uses them.

On our Chromium blog, Google reports that it receives a lot of feedback from browser users who say that websites are redirecting to other pages. One in five user reports is related to the appearance of unwanted content.

Some pages do it automatically, while others have transparent overlays or misleading buttons.redirects - Chrome the end of unwanted redirects

Another malicious ad trick is opening a new tab. arbitrarily while clicking on a link.

See the Google gifs


0 1 - Chrome the end of unwanted redirects

0 - Chrome the end of unwanted redirects

Google's ultimatum

As of January, Google Chrome will block all these kinds of redirects. Owners of these sites can now access a service that will allow them to see whether their page will be in trouble after the new measures are implemented.

If the site content is not corrected within 30 days, the page will not be able to open new pages or trigger redirects.

This move is part of Google's anti-malware campaign, which was launched earlier this year. The company also said that advertisers have a margin until next year to clear their ads or will not show up at all to the popular web browser users.

You can check your page from the link below


Let's say this Chrome protection is not accidental, as it strengthens Google's monopoly in the ad industry. Of course this time is to the benefit of the end user who really suffers from ads that make redirects and show popups.

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