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All domains of Torrentz eu are sold

All domains of Torrentz eu are sold

The most used post-search torrent engine for more than a decade, Torrentz.eu stopped working last year. The reason behind the abrupt decision to terminate the service remains unclear, but the owner seems to have decided to move to the next step.

No, it does not intend to re-run the service, but it has domain names for sale, for anyone interested. torrentz - All Torrentz eu domains are for sale

Last year, the community of torrents lost two of the biggest websites. The first was it KickassTorrents which was closed by the FBI, and a few days later followed Torrentz.eu that decided to shut down voluntarily. Without any prior warning, all torrents that contained the site were removed from the search engine.

The site administrator did not close the site, but instead of offering the usual links that led to torrents, visitors saw the following message:

"Torrentz will always love you. Farewell. ”

Today, about a year later, Torrentz continues to be online without a torrent search engine. The role of the page took on another one named Torrentz2, and today it has millions of daily visitors.

However, according to a message posted on Torrentz.eu's original page, things may change in the near future. All domain names of the Torrentz site (Torrentz.eu, Torrentz.com and Torrentz.in) are available for sale, as you will also see visit the page.

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