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Windows 10: Reset network settings in a simple way

Windows 10: Reset network settings in a simple way

Windows 10: Network problems are one of the most disgusting, as they ban you from connecting to the internet, a place you can find help. Everyone is aware of the appearance of the No Connection window, followed by a hasty and often ineffective troubleshooting.

Below we will see a "new" function of Windows 10 that can help you make a fresh start.windows 10 - Windows 10: Restore network settings in a simple way

Let's see how you can restore your network settings to Windows 10

Open the Settings app by pressing together the two Win + I keys, where Win is the Windows icon.

When Settings open, find Network & internet and look in the Status tab.
At the bottom of the window you will see Network Restore.

network status windows 10 settings - Windows 10: Restore network settings in a simple way


A warning will appear indicating that the execution of the command will remove and reinstall all network adapters. After reinstalling, it will set everything to factory defaults.

It also warns that you may need to reinstall the software VPN that you are using.

Click Restore now to start a full reset.
After restarting your computer, you will have a clean network.

Of course, before using the above solution, you should try any other solution you have. until you try anything else.

Performing this restore works like a full Windows reset without being restored to Windows. So if you do not want to spend time with automatic troubleshooting, then this reset will give you a quick fix.

Finally, if you experience a network problem on more than one device, your problem is probably not due to your devices but to the router or other network equipment you use.

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