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Google Chrome: HTTP pages are unsafe in July

Google Chrome: HTTP pages are unsafe in July

Google said that in 2018 the Google Chrome browser will mark all websites that do not use HTTPS encryption as "insecure".

This means any site that does not display a green padlock will be marked as unsafe in the browser address bar.https - Google Chrome: HTTP pages unsafe since July

Emily Schechter, Google Chrome Security Manager, confirmed with a post on Google Chrome company blog that the changes will come into effect with the release of Chrome 68 in July.

"In recent years we have been striving for a more secure web, strongly supporting sites that adopt HTTPS encryption," the blog post said Thursday.

As Google's effort is stepping up, gradually pushing more and more webmasters to adopt the HTTPS protocol, a secure encryption standard.

Please note that using HTTPS means that data sent from your computer or device to a website is safely transported and can not be intercepted by an attacker.

Google has used several other tactics, including better ranking of sites that use HTTPS in search results, as an incentive for webmasters to adopt technology.

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