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Data centers: Using the heat of the servers for heating!

Data centers: Using the heat of the servers for heating!

Scandinavian Digiplex data company and Stockholm Exergi are preparing to use the heat generated by the servers to heat 10.000 households.

The two companies report that the server heat reuse agreement is the first in the world.
How can this happen; An operational data center will channel the hot air generated by the servers into the city's district heating network.servers color - Data centers: Use the heat of the servers for heating!

Digiplex reports that a progressive data center should explore every way to reduce carbon footprint as data centers worldwide are responsible for the 2% of CO2 annual CO3 emissions worldwide and XNUMX% of global energy consumption.

"Every time we surf the internet, watch a TV series or use the cloud, a process starts running in a data center," she said. Digiplex Gisle Eckhoff.

"This data center is an electric source that consumes energy from fossil fuels and dissipates extra heat into the atmosphere. So we also contribute to climate change."

"This partnership with Stockholm Exergi is a big step, which could allow the digital activity of the residents to contribute to the heating of their homes."

About 90% of all buildings in Stockholm are connected to the district heating network, making the Swedish capital one of the few cities in the world where re-use of heat from data centers is possible.

The deal is part of the ambitious Stockholm projects for green businesses that make smarter technology use.

Stockholm Mayor Karin Wanngard said digitization should go hand in hand with the development of environmental technology.

"Using smart technology solutions to harness data center heat for the city's heating needs is part of the environmental goal of minimizing fossil fuels by 2040," Wanngård said.

"I am determined to make Stockholm a huge center for sustainable data centers."

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