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Windows 10 April Update: View and delete telemetry data

Windows 10 April Update: View and delete telemetry data


The Windows 10 April Update brings a number of new features. Some of them improve the existing Windows 10 tools, while others are reportedly coming to soothe some of the worries of the operating system users.windows 10 top - Windows 10 April Update: view and delete telemetry data

Such a tool is also a new program for displaying diagnostic data. Windows 10 has received occasional critical reviews about collecting telemetry data and sending it to Microsoft. With the new update, the company lets you control what it is collecting from your computer and delete it if you wish.

(This feature only exists in the Windows 10 April 2018 update.)

How to Find Data Collected by Windows 10.

First, you need to enable data viewing. Follow the route:

Settings - Privacy - Diagnostics & feedback. Enable the Diagnostic data viewer. Note that this requires approximately 1GB of storage.
Click the Diagnostic Data Viewer button and you will be taken to the Microsoft Store to download the application “Diagnostic Data Viewer“. Install the application, and launch the application from the menu.diagnostic data viewer - Windows 10 April Update: view and delete telemetry data

Inside the app, you will see a lot of diagnostic information. The left side collects the "events" and if you click on any of them it will show you exactly what has been sent to Microsoft.
Use the search box to search for specific applications. The function will help you learn what data is sent from your favorite programs.

The application allows you to make copies for your own use. Clicking the Export button on the left will download your copy in CSV format.
Finally, if you want to delete the diagnostic data from Microsoft servers, click the Delete button on the Settings page.

Do not forget to disable this setting if you do not intend to use the new feature frequently.

Let's say that this particular function is a pleasant addition in terms of transparency but does not prevent the collection telemetry data from the company.

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