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Windows 10 April 2018 Update expected problems in beta editions

Windows 10 April 2018 Update expected problems in beta editions


An increasing number of users who have upgraded their systems to Windows 10 April 2018 Update report too many problems after installation. They report for example an error causing repeated malfunctions in explorer.exe.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Microsoft does not seem to have detected the source of the error at this time, but the symptoms are almost the same in all cases: the explorer process is interrupted at random times, restarted automatically, and shuts down again.windows 10 patch - Windows 10 April 2018 Update expected problems in beta versions

Too many users whose systems are affected by this issue are discussing the problem in reddit yarns but also to support forums of Microsoft. Most of them have come to the conclusion that the new Windows 10 April 2018 Update Timeline feature may be the blame.

Windows Timeline is a new Windows 10 April 2018 Update tool that allows users to reset their activity anywhere within the last 30 days using cloud synchronization. When this service is enabled, it is reported that a crash.exe is running during the synchronization process.

Let's say from the beginning, this version it did not work well, and all of the above justify the view we expressed in an earlier publication of iGuRu.gr, we follow some excerpts:

The phenomenon was known to Windows users. Some update does not work and problems start, which stop with Microsoft intervention that with an update fix fixes the situation. With the coming of Windows 10, instead of reducing bugs from updates, there is an increasing number of reports with problems related to them.

So we've read for updates never ending their installation ever, or even worse for updates that, after a restart, destroy the system.

All of the above would be permissible, or we would be more tolerant if we were using beta versions of Windows 10 Insider, as preview versions are more likely to justify such behaviors. However, "Final" versions used in production environments still display many bug reports for each update released from the "fixed" channel of the operating system.

The company does not give Home users the ability to completely block the updates or stop their automatic installation. In fact, if you run Home or Pro, you have very few options to check which updates will be installed on the system. While Pro users can postpone updates (they can not block them), the postpone is only applicable to updates that Microsoft does not consider critical. This means that all security updates will be installed immediately, even if the Snooze Updates option is enabled.

The Group Policy Editor is not available in Home versions. The program provides the ability to change a policy for Pro users, which allows them to disable automatic updates altogether.

Based on all of the above, the new Windows 10 model is now being served Windows as a serviceOr Windows as a service, all users of the operating system should expect to always have the latest Microsoft technology on their computers, even they do not lift it.

As we have said in iGuRu.gr the company seems to have turned into a huge playground for testers. You may think you are running the latest stable version, but all of the above proves the opposite.

Although the company has several beta testers grades for Windows products, it is unable to issue updates that just work. There are internal beta testers, through Microsoft, for example, and all Windows Insiders on two different rings that test Windows 10 beta builds before they are officially placed on the fixed channel.

So while Enterprise (Windows for Business) users can completely block updates, users of Home and Pro should install them.

What does this mean;

All Windows 10 users are beta testers who test "free" Windows for Enterprise Edition customers.

Let's go again: There are internal beta testers, through Microsoft, all Windows Insiders on two different rings, Home and Pro users of Windows 10 are basically beta testers.

Taking into account the issues that are regularly reported whenever new updates are released, it seems that these updates have not been tested well enough.

Home and Pro users who did not pay Windows 10, but upgraded them for free with Microsoft's offer, report to the company via telemetry useful information that is used to fix bugs before releases are released to valuable business customers.

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  • To me, the basic problem I've identified is that she tries to make pc boot several times and can not. After 4-5 times, the screen informs you of the boot failure and counts backwards. At this stage neither del nor F2 does work but now boots directly into windows without the motherboard logo.

    • @Elpa02 good evening.
      I would suggest you take a look at your motherboard UEFI. Maybe a "reset to optimal settings" would give you a satisfactory solution to the problem of the M / B environment not appearing at startup.

      Now, regarding the continuous reboots I probably can not help you more if it does not catch what I suggested to you, as it will be the continuation of the… colony with multiple reboots that lasts from the previous (end 2017) upgrade of Win10.

  • Hello. Another problem that arose after the recent major upgrade was the inability to select (sometimes) the "shutdown" of the PC.
    The only option I had was to "kill" it by unplugging the computer by unplugging it or pressing the on / off button firmly or looking for random solutions. The best I found and applied is, when it does not allow me to turn off the PC I press the on / off button for a short time forcing the computer to enter "sleep" mode. After 4-5 ”I restore it by pressing wake up or a button from the mouse and select the shutdown (which now works).

    In the omissions? The new version is still running
    a) Lose the connection with the wifi router whenever the computer enters a power saving mode
    b) it is not possible to open the volume setting environment and after this "loss" the setting is achieved through the keyboard shortcuts

    The solution to the above two problems? Restarting the system :(

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