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Microsoft GitHub: the past the biggest challenge

Microsoft GitHub: the past the biggest challenge

Microsoft has officially announced the acquisition of GitHub for 7.5 billion dollars. What remains is to see how it integrates its services into GitHub. But the biggest problem for the company right now is not integration.

It's not the addition of parts of GitHub to Azure, nor does it seem to be the management control of the developer platform.MIcrosoft GitHub - Microsoft GitHub: the past the biggest challenge

Microsoft's biggest challenge is to try to keep developers going and make them forget about the not-so-distant past of the company that characterized it as very aggressive behavior in any open source product. And we're not referring to the former CEO's famous comments Steve Ballmer for Linux that described it as cancer. We refer to Microsoft's efforts to threaten open source developers and their clients with patent lawsuits and more.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, of course, is well aware of the company's past.

"Judge us for the actions we have taken in the recent past, our actions today and our actions in the future," he said during a detailed press conference in today's announcement.

Judge us by the actions we've taken in the recent past, our actions today and our actions in the future

Nadella promised to keep GitHub open so developers can use any language, any cloud and plan for any device on the platform.

Microsoft is already GitHub's largest partner. With the acquisition of the company, Microsoft is trying to participate in "every stage of development", as company officials said today.

GitHub will continue to function as a code store and will offer developers a place to learn, develop, collaborate, and document their code. GitHub is not just an open source repository. There is also for storing private code that is not covered by open source licenses. Microsoft did not mention anything about the integration of GitHub with LinkedIn, but it could do so in the long run.

Microsoft examines GitHub Markeplace as a way to devote its own tools and services to developers. Nat Friedman, the new CEO of GitHub, said Microsoft plans to put all of its development tools and services on the GitHub market.

Meanwhile the reactions to Twitter and Reddit continue. But there are some who believe that Microsoft's actions in recent years have shown that the company has changed and that it will be a good manager of GitHub.

Of course, there are many others who think that Microsoft will not change, and its new plan is to "embrace, expand and shut down" open source software through the acquisition of GitHub.

It remains to be seen if the "new" Microsoft can win beyond the impressions, and the trust of the developers. Of course immediately after that we will have to wait to see if the GitHub project will last.


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