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Facebook fine £ 500.000 for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook fine £ 500.000 for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook faces a £ 500.000 fine in the UK for its role in the data leak scandal through Cambridge Analytica.
cambridge analytica - Facebook fined £ 500.000 for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

On Wednesday, the Office of the United Kingdom Information Commissioner (ICO from the Information Commissioner's Office) announced that the fine is the maximum amount allowed by British law for two breaches of protection law 1998 data.

The UK data monitoring agency also intends to initiate a criminal prosecution against SCL Elections Ltd, Cambridge Analytica's parent company, because it did not respond properly to the ICO survey.

Cambridge Analytica's data collection from Facebook users affected 87 millions of users in the US, UK and other countries. So it was only natural for them to be the focus of an ICO research.

The information was "shared unfairly" with the company, without the user's consent. According to a study published by Elizabeth Denham on the ICO, the service concluded that "Facebook violated the law by failing to safeguard the information of its members […], and the company failed to be transparent about how data is collected from others."

Facebook will have the opportunity to respond to ICO's findings after announcing the final decision to finalize 500.000 pounds.

The largest social network told the BBC that the company will respond very "soon".

"Confidence in the integrity of our democratic processes is in jeopardy because the average voter has no idea what is going on behind the scenes," Denham said.
"New technologies use analytical data from different people, providing campaign teams with the ability to connect (influence) individual voters. "But this should not be to the detriment of transparency, justice and compliance with the law."

The Commissioner added that fines and prosecutions are part of the process, but that the ICO's real intention is to "brings change and restore confidence in our democratic system. "


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