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Android Pie: what are the Adaptive Battery and Brightness?

Android Pie: what are the Adaptive Battery and Brightness?

Long before Google announced the name of Android Pie, the company was talking about AI that would include the latest version of its mobile operating system.google pie - Android Pie: what are Adaptive Battery and Brightness?

Two of the most interesting features of "AI" are the adaptive battery and the adaptive brightness. Both come by default in the new operating system but can be turned off very easily: Settings - Battery - Adaptive Battery and Settings - Display and Adaptive Brightness.
So far, Google has not reported information about exactly how these two features work. However, it is worthwhile to see.

Ben Poiesz, who heads the team responsible for the AI ​​features of Android, spoke with VB and explained what the Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness.
The Poiesz team has teamed up with DeepMind for these two functions, an AI company bought by Google in January of 2014.

"And the teams (Android and DeepMind) are in London," Poiesz said. "It is in the same building, but on different floors. This has allowed us to work closely together to understand what the right strategy is. ” But let's see what it means:

Adaptive Battery or Adaptive Battery: 5% decrease in total CPUadaptive battery - Android Pie: what are Adaptive Battery and Brightness?

The Adaptive Battery feature, in a nutshell, calculates the applications you use and often keeps these applications in memory while the applications you do not use are cleared from the memory when you're finished with them. In other words, Android Pie can adapt to your usage patterns to spend battery power only on applications that the Adaptive Battery believes are needed.

Adaptive Brightness or Adaptive Brightness: 10% fewer adjustments

You can think of Adaptive Brightness as Auto Brightness. Learn your habits by following the way you set the brightness slider to different conditions and then trying to do it for you.adaptive brightness - Android Pie: what are Adaptive Battery and Brightness?

How long does the user of the device need to observe the differences?
"My personal experience is about a week, when I feel like I'm no longer a minor change," Poiesz said.

The reason Poiesz was unable to answer for all users is simple: We all are different. Custom Brightness takes about a week to stabilize, but it continues to learn while the user is using his device. If he does not use it a lot, AI will be late to learn his habits, since each user has different brightness preferences.

Android Pie: Health Services of the device

Of course, what is worth mentioning is that the Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness features can be updated separately from Android. The team should not wait for Android 9.1 or the next upgrade (OTA) to improve its models. This is possible because the two new features are in an Android app (APK)
For the curious, it is the same application that is responsible for predicting, in the "Settings" application, when your battery is running low, except for its use in Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness.


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