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Facebook: attention only sends friendship requests!

Facebook: attention only sends friendship requests!

I have recently noticed a behavior on Facebook that you should know if you haven't noticed it already.
Facebook friends - Facebook: attention only sends friend requests!

Sometimes I get notifications for friend requests. Many times I do not accept them as yes I know the "interested" but I would not like to add him to my list.
Above I put the word stakeholder in quotes because I found out that friendship requests come from Facebook itself.

What happens;

Without knowing if the specific behavior of the algorithm is to "connect" us even more when connecting people of the largest social network, if you click on accepting that person, he will not become your friend, but he will be sent a friend request with your name!

Let's explain it with the picture below.
fb friends - Facebook: attention only sends friend requests!

The following picture seems to have made me two friend requests, I have accepted one and below there are two suggestions from Facebook.

I will start upside down. In the morning the two proposals were requests for friendship! In the afternoon, a few hours after the two "requests", they automatically went to the proposals. Antonis that I accepted as a friend had not sent me a friend request, although he came to me, as shown in the picture with the first two names TAKIS and Sa.

When I accepted the "request" of Antonis, Facebook announced to me that the request for friendship had been sent!

Of course, after that, I will not accept another request, anyway, as I have mentioned in previous publications, I use the social network only for the maintenance of applications running on different sites.

Have you noticed the same phenomenon? We'll be glad to share it with us in the comments.


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  • Exactly the same to me. Without ever sending a request to a person I have nothing to do with, the message appeared that ……… ..accepted the friend request. How can we stop this?

  • Here and 2 months this happens.
    In fact, the first - second time, I thought I was wrong. How I saw in my imagination a request from a person who as soon as I clicked accept, I was "informed" by Fb that my request to the so-called contact was sent !!!! And I say: supposedly as after a while I asked the other person and he confirmed to me that he had not sent a request but also that he had noticed something similar.

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