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Europol: hundreds of arrests in Darknet

Europol: hundreds of arrests in Darknet

Europol, with the help of the police authorities from various European countries, managed to dismantle a large group that traded counterfeit euro, drugs and weapons through the supposedly anonymous Darknet network. deep web - Europol: εκατοντάδες συλλήψεις στο Darknet

300 house searches were carried out and 235 suspects from 13 different European countries were arrested.

The business was launched on November 19 and targeted an organization that bought and sold counterfeit euro in various online shopping at Darknet.

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In addition to the 235 suspects detained, authorities discovered and confiscated 1.500 counterfeit banknotes (drugs, weapons (firearms, nunchaku, knives and blades)), computers, mobile phones, Bitcoins and mining hardware. ”
Agents are also reported to have discovered the location of counterfeit notes, along with many cannabis plantations in Germany and France.

The Europol survey was launched following the success of the Austrian Federal Police in June of 2018, which discovered a printing mill capable of printing counterfeit euro banknotes 10, 20 and 50.

Following investigations, Europol and several police agencies carried out hundreds of arrests from 3 December to December 6 in Germany, France, Austria and Italy and many other countries such as Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Portugal , Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

"This joint effort shows that there is no complete anonymity on the internet and in the Darknet. "When dealing with illegal activities online, you need to be prepared for the police," said Wil van Gemert, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Europol.

Mr Van Gemert he added "Europol will continue to assist Member States in their efforts to protect the euro against counterfeiting, both in the real and the virtual world."


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