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Opera GX: browser-only specialist

Opera GX: browser-only specialist

Opera has released a first version of Opera GX, a new browser made especially for gamers, yesterday, June 11, 2019 during an event at E3 2019.

The new Opera GX uses the desktop Opera browser as a base, which means that it has everything included in the Opera Desktop browser.

Opera GX Gaming Browser 1024x512 - Opera GX: special browser only for gamers

Opera GX is only available for Windows systems at the moment and only as early access. Opera plans to release a final version later in 2019. However those of you who are interested can download the new browser from the Opera website.

The installation is the same as that of the regular Opera browser. Be aware that the early version is configured to send telemetry data to Opera by default. You can turn it off from the settings.

The new browser opens with an animation splash with a redesigned logo and a new tab.

The first page displays new and upcoming games along with their prices. Opera GX displays games for Windows, Playstation, Xbox, Mac and Linux by default.

A click on the settings icon displays options for viewing deals on selected platforms, e.g. for desktop only. There is also an option to hide the game list, but also the offers.

logo opera gx - Opera GX: specialist browser only for gamers

Nintendo Switch systems are not currently supported.

The first public release of Opera GX comes with some exclusive features. GX Control is by far the best feature the Opera team has added to the gaming browser.

GX Control can accept settings to limit RAM and CPU usage in the browser. Clicking on the new GX Control icon displays the options. Both are off by default and can be turned on by you if you wish. 

The RAM limiter limits the operations of Opera GX to no more than the amount of RAM you specify. Just select one of the available limits after selecting the option.

Would you like to try; Download the new app.


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