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Bot Removal Tool Botnets protection

Bot Removal Tool Botnets protection

Bot Removal Tool της Quick Heal: Of course you know what a botnet does. If you do not know, this is a set of computers that are controlled by malicious users who are meant to transmit malware. With this malware, they usually collect more computers that add them to an already existing set of infected computers, the botnet. 

So when you read somewhere that a computer is part of a botnet it means that malicious users have taken control of the computer and added it to a network they manage to carry out more attacks.

botnets - Bot Removal Tool Protection against botnets

Malicious users can make your computer part of the botnet, infecting it with a 'bot code'. They can throw this malicious code on your computer by sending malicious links or attachments with fake posts on social networks, or they can take advantage of existing vulnerabilities in your system.

What is Quick Heal's Bot Removal Tool?

Quick Heal Bot Removal Tool 1024x349 - Bot Removal Tool Protection against botnets

Quick Heal's Bot Removal Tool helps you detect and remove any infection from your computer. This tool can be run with or without an antivirus program on your computer.

Note that this tool only secures your computer from bots. It does not provide protection for other malware and does not prevent any data theft.

Before using Quick Heal's Bot Removal Tool, it is important to back up all your important files to prevent unintentional or accidental data loss.

Download Bot Removal Tool:


With Quick Heal's Bot Removal Tool you can perform 3 scans on your system:

Quick scan: It scans sites that are most vulnerable. If the application detects an infection, you may need to run a full scan.

Full scan: It scans all hard drives and folders on your computer. This process can take quite some time.

Custom scan: It scans selected folders.


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