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KDE: Windows 7 users? Upgrade to Linux

KDE: Windows 7 users? Upgrade to Linux

The KDE community with a post of hers urges everyone using the Windows 7 operating system to switch to Linux and the Plasma desktop before it becomes January 14, 2020.

Next week, at January 14, Microsoft will stop providing security updates or patches to Windows 7 users, which means that their favorite operating system will soon become a target for hackers unless they upgrade to Windows 10 or another operating system, such as MacOS or a GNU / Linux distribution.

kde plasma 1 - KDE: Windows 7 users? Upgrade to Linux

So the KDE community encourages Windows 7 users who do not want to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 to try Linux and install a distribution that has the Plasma desktop interface. This environment can be easily transformed to look and behave like the Windows 7 desktop with a specific new theme.

"Instead of upgrading to Windows 10 and needing hours of updates, intrusions and annoying ads embedded in your applications, install a Linux Plasma operating system. In 30 minutes you will be ready and you will have the security and stability of a Linux system, with all the features and convenience of Plasma ", says the KDE community.

Of course, the first question Windows 7 users have is whether their favorite apps and games can run on Linux. Well, the KDE community reports that those who want to use a GNU / Linux distribution with a Plasma interface by default will find many popular applications and if they want to use a specific Windows program then there is Wine.

Wine lets you run almost any Windows application and game on Linux operating systems. So if you are a gamer with Windows, you do not need to worry too much, as you will be able to continue playing your favorite games on Linux. Steam for Linux supports thousands of games, and there's also Proton, a tool that lets Windows-only games run on Linux OS systems.

If you have not been convinced by all of the above, the KDE community has prepared a nice video to show Windows 7 users what they lose if they do not upgrade to Linux with KDE Plasma.

The KDE community also created a task to help all Windows 7 users considering trying Linux with the Plasma desktop.

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