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Windows 10 add services to the Control Panel

Windows 10 add services to the Control Panel

Services in Windows 10 Control Panel: You may already be familiar with the "Services" gadget that includes all Windows services on a single screen. Here's how to add the feature to the classic Windows 10 control panel.

Services is a Microsoft Management Console (or MMC) add-on that allows you to start, stop, and configure system services. In modern versions of Windows, you can find them in the management tools \ Computer Management. But if you want to add them to the Control Panel, something that is really useful follow the steps below.

windows 10 services1 1 - add windows 10 services to the Control Panel

To add all Services to the Windows 10 Control Panel:

serv 1 - Windows 10 add services to the Control Panel

Download the registry files contained in services.zip Export the two files to any folder you want. You can place them directly on the desktop.

services 1 - Windows 10 add services to the Control Panel

Close the Control Panel if it is open. Double-click the Add Services.reg file and confirm the addition. Now, open the Control Panel (search for "Control Panel" in the menu search) and go to System and Security.

That's it. You now have all the services on the control panel. If you want to remove them, you can use Remove Services.reg.

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