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Canonical: welcomes Windows 7 users

Canonical: welcomes Windows 7 users


It goes without saying that the end of Windows 7 support is the perfect time for other operating systems to gather users. So Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu, is one of the companies trying to prove to Windows 7 users that it's worth it.

Rhys Davies, Canonical's product manager, using the hardware he says that Windows 7 users can either "buy a new computer running another operating system" or simply install Ubuntu, which does not require hardware upgrades.

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Davies also lists some of the applications that make the transition from Windows 7 to Ubuntu as smooth as possible, and mentions Google Chrome, Spotify, Blender, and Microsoft Skype.

"With these applications, most users will be able to operate normally. "You can continue to browse the web, listen to music, watch movies, talk to your friends and download new apps," says Davies.

Security is also one of the areas where Ubuntu excels, Canonical says, because the operating system is updated "in the background by default to keep your computer safe".

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"Each line of code is thoroughly reviewed and controlled by Canonical or a member of the community. The code does not circulate until it is working properly and being tested for vulnerabilities. "There are full-time employees at Canonical who are looking for active bugs and vulnerabilities."

Linux is considered a viable alternative for Windows users who want to change their operating system, but despite efforts to persuade more to make the change, Linux market share remains relatively low.

For example, NetMarketShare data for December 2019 show that Windows was running on a total of 86,84% of computers. Second operating system is preferably MacOS with 11,09%, while Linux is only 1,61%.

It remains to be seen if the Linux market share will increase after the end of Windows 7, especially because some users do not want to upgrade to Windows 10 as they will have to upgrade their PC hardware.

Mention that the functional Ubuntu, is considered a fairly easy distribution for Windows users who want to change systems. Of course there are many more. We can mention the distribution Mint, distribution Manjaro, but also the distribution that we unreservedly recommend MX Linux.

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