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Edge based on Chromium: released today for everyone

Edge based on Chromium: released today for everyone

Microsoft Edge: when Microsoft suggests

Microsoft will be released today the new browser Chromium-based Edge for all Windows 10 users. The updated Edge browser will support Chrome extensions, user profiles, and faster web browsing.

According to a post on the company blog, only business users will be able to block this upgrade.

microsoft edge 1 - Edge based on Chromium: released today for everyone

In 2018, Microsoft announced its plans to use Chromium as a base for the Edge. The same browser is used by Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi.

In an interview with Verge, Joe Belfiore, the company's corporate vice president, said in 2017 that CEO Satya Nadella was frustrated by user "reactions" to Microsoft Edge and the way Chrome is doing as a de facto browser for all computers. After much discussion for the pros and cons of the change and in several meetings, the company finally decided to use Chromium as the basis for the new Edge.

Google Chrome currently ranks first in the market share of tvn browsers according to Statcounter. The Edge, on the other hand, has just 2,3% of its market share.

Let's see, will Chromium base change and support for Chrome extensions introduce the upcoming Edge in the browser market? It should be noted that if Microsoft invests more in privacy than Google, we may see Edge catch up with Chrome at some point in the future.

But Google as we mentioned in the morning, will not remain idle…

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