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Microsoft Edge A first look at Chromium Edge

Microsoft Edge A first look at Chromium Edge

Last night was released the final version of Microsoft's new browser. Microsoft Edge based on Google's open source Chromium application is here for all who are interested.

microsoft edge banner 1 - Microsoft Edge A first look at Chromium Edge

I decided to take a look at the new Microsoft application even though it is not yet available for Linux. So I started my "dusty" Windows 10, to try the new application of the company that hopes to compete with Chrome, but also to correct the rumor that Microsoft browsers are only used to download Firefox and Chrome.

2020 01 16 9 48 42 1 - Microsoft Edge A first look at Chromium Edge

Immediately after installing the application, you will have the opportunity to import your settings from other browsers. These include your favorite pages, browsing history, and saved passwords. I tried importing my settings from Firefox. In part I did it all except the passwords.

2020 01 16 9 57 58 1 - Microsoft Edge A first look at Chromium Edge

With the introduction from Chrome although both applications use Chromium as a base I had the same problem. There does not seem to be compatibility that makes it easy to enter passwords because the two companies probably use different encryption.

Let's use system resources.

See the two images below. The first is a screenshot of the Windows 10 "Task Manager" gadget and shows 20 running Microsoft Edge windows, with the corresponding load on the system.

2020 01 16 10 37 56 1 - Microsoft Edge A first look at Chromium Edge

The second image shows how many tabs I actually have open:

2020 01 16 10 41 52 1 - Microsoft Edge A first look at Chromium Edge

As you can see the tabs I have open are 6 and in fact one of them (Settings) is an internal address.

The fact that there are ghost tabs in operation should probably be seen by Microsoft again, and soon.

The new application offers synchronization but requires you to sign in to a Microsoft account. Normal, as all major browsers use the same practice.

The new Microsoft Edge has some pre-installed privacy settings as you can see in the image below:

2020 01 16 10 47 54 1 - Microsoft Edge A first look at Chromium Edge

The default is Balanced, while there are Basic and Strict. If you try to use the last setting you will notice that some sites will not display properly.

Of course we should mention that the main point that Microsoft's new browser overcomes over Google Chrome is the protection of personal data. This is where I think Microsoft will focus more on competing with Chrome, which is at the top of the list.

It should be noted that Google is an advertising company primarily and most of the company's revenue comes from its ads. So there is room for Microsoft to move more towards online privacy. But surely Google, even though it has the most used browser, will not just sit and watch other browsers block any monitoring (read “Chrome removes third party cookies for more privacy").

But let's look at the Microsoft privacy statement as it is recorded today, after the release of the new browser.

The company allows access and control of your personal data.
You have options for collecting and using your data from Microsoft. You may control the personal data that Microsoft has collected about you and claim your data protection rights by contacting Microsoft or using the various tools it provides.

For example, you can do the following:

Control the use of your data for interest-based advertising by Microsoft. The company has an exception page.
Choose whether you want to receive promotional emails, SMS messages, phone calls and traditional mail from Microsoft.
Access and delete some of your data through the Microsoft Privacy Panel.

For those interested in the above information you can read the Microsoft ToS in Greek from here.

Microsoft Edge has settings for adding languages, and spelling dictionaries, and of course uses Bing as its search engine.

Finally, Microsoft Edge made a start. I can not and do not want to make any predictions for the new browser of the company. What is certain is that we need several updates to have a reliable application, without bugs. Google's dominance of Chrome in the browser market share could be beaten by a Microsoft company that already has millions of users through Windows and Office. The idea of ​​using an open source application is very clever, as long as the development of Microsoft browser continues to be enriched with new features and innovations.

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