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Microsoft Edge is now blocking potentially unwanted apps

Microsoft Edge is now blocking potentially unwanted apps

Microsoft Edge: when Microsoft suggests

Microsoft continues to add features to the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. The new application was officially released last month. As mentioned above it is based on Chromium, so new features can be added as experiments which can be found at the internal edge: // flags /.

So in the flags you can find a new option that allows you to block potentially unwanted applications or potentially unwanted apps. Microsoft released the new feature as an experiment in September 2019 in beta versions of Microsoft Edge.

Potentially unwanted applications are not-so-reliable applications, and according to Microsoft, Edge can deal with them.

Many Windows security programs, such as Windows Defender, Google Chrome, or Malwarebytes, support the prevention of potentially unwanted programs.

Microsoft Edge 2 - Microsoft Edge is now blocking potentially unwanted apps

Its implementation Microsoft, Edge is currently only available in the Beta, Dev and Canary versions of the browser. The company plans to add the feature to the Stable version soon. The new feature is not currently enabled by default.

How to activate it:

Open the internal edge: // settings / privacy address directly in the Microsoft Edge address bar and find the Services group on the page.
There is a new option "Block potentially unwanted apps".
Activate the new feature.

Microsoft Edge will monitor downloads from a database that contains potentially unwanted apps. Downloads in the list will be automatically blocked. Your browser will display a "blocked as unsafe" alert.

You can delete the file or click on the three tabs next to the delete to select the preservation of the file.

Blocking potentially unwanted applications is a useful security feature, especially for novice users. Of course there is always the possibility of false positives, but you will be able to bypass the block and download any file you need, even if Microsoft does not agree.

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