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Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Windows 10X will begin installing new folders this year. Read what we know so far about this operating system.

surface neo spanning - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Windows 10X is one new version of Windows 10 constructed especially for folding computers, either they will have a dual screen or a single screen. It is based on the latest modern version of Windows 10, which bequeathed its basic components and features. This means that almost everything has been rebuilt with modern technologies, while maintaining the support of old-fashioned applications, for those who need it.

The They have Windows 10X a new user interface that can be customized depending on the "location" of your device. And the reason is that on a foldable computer, the user may want to use it in different ways. As a laptop or tablet or in tent mode for movies. Because of this, the user interface needs to be customized to provide the best view, regardless of how your device is used.

It also means that old-fashioned user elements, such as Control Panel, File Explorer, dialogs, and error icons, have disappeared in Windows 10X. Since Microsoft has rebuilt the entire environment, it does not include several things that Windows 10 does.

Let's see what we know about Windows 10X so far:

A new Start menu
windows 10x start - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Microsoft is redesigning its "Start" menu in Windows 10X with an emphasis on productivity. It has a search bar across the system along the top, which can also search the web. Below is a grid of installed applications instead of live tiles. And below, there is a "recommended" area that is dynamically updated, with things that the user may want to have direct links, such as recent Office documents and websites visited.

The application list can be customized, allowing users to rearrange the applications that appear in the first rows. Windows 10X will also support application folders in the Start menu, allowing users to group multiple applications under one folder, as in the existing Windows 10 Start menu.

A new taskbar

windows 10x taskbar - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Windows 10X also has a new customizable taskbar, which can be changed depending on the device type or user preference. Items such as the Start button, pinned things, and applications that are currently running are centered on the taskbar. Much like Apple software, although it has been reported to be customizable and users can choose to have these icons aligned to the left, just like in Windows 10.

There is a new trick to touching the taskbar. Minimizes when an application is running. When a keyboard and mouse are connected, the Taskbar adjusts to behave more like a traditional taskbar, which means it will not be minimized when an application is running.

A new action center

windows 10x ac - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

In addition to the new design of the Start and Task Line, there is also the new Action Center. This puts more emphasis on quick actions, with the ability to go to specific tasks without leaving the Action Center at all. It was also designed to mimic a control center, with alerts placed above it in a separate box. This new Action Center includes things like volume control, power options, and battery life.

A new installation experience

windows 10x oobe - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

As every part of Windows 10X has been redesigned, the installation screens have been updated with a modern look and feel. They will guide you through the Windows configuration process by selecting your language, signing in to a Microsoft account, and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Rumor has it that Cortana is no longer present throughout the settlement process.

Composition function

surface neo video folded - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Composition Mode (Compose Mode) is a new button in the Action Center that changes the user screen from fun mode to working mode. Composition mode starts automatically on devices such as Surface Neo when you display a keyboard on one of the screens.

On devices that do not have a dedicated keyboard or trackpad, the composition function will use the auxiliary screen for a virtual keyboard and trackpad, which has been enhanced with emoji, gif and design support. It will also change the taskbar from the minimized state to a more traditional taskbar that does not need to be moved.

By default, applications in Windows 10X run in full screen and can not be used as traditional windows. However, on devices with larger screens, enabling the composition feature should allow applications to run in free-form windows, just like a regular laptop. It is not certain whether users will be able to force applications to enter windows, devices with small screens, but Microsoft is open to comment on this.

Support for older applications

surface rt - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Since Windows 10X is a modern operating system, support for current Windows 10 applications is provided through a new "packaging" of these applications, so that they can be installed on 10X as a more naked version of them. This means that when the user no longer runs an older application, the operating system will not be blocked by Legacy Components, such as DirectPlay, which is part of DirectX, which improves overall battery life and system performance.

Unlike older applications, modern UWP and web applications natively manage Windows 10X. Microsoft has worked hard to make sure there is no noticeable difference in performance between older applications and modern applications. However, there may be a slight delay in launching an older application if other older applications are not running at the same time. Because of the way the application package works, Win32 applications in Windows 10X are sandboxed and cannot affect the overall system. This means that programs that affect system files or partition hard drives will not be allowed.

Improved Windows Update

windows updates - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Microsoft is also improving Windows Update in a way that makes it much faster in Windows 10X. Feature updates will not take as long as Windows 10, as these updates will be installed in the background without having to restart until the update is complete. So, as with Android and Chrome OS, when the update is ready to restart your computer, it will simply start normally and it will not take 15 minutes for the installation to complete.

This should result in updates taking less than 90 seconds to restart. Internal tests suggest that it is even faster than this. This is a huge improvement over the way Windows 10 performs updates today, which can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to reboot, depending on the device.

Dynamic wallpapers

M2mASzA - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Although not yet officially announced, Windows 10X will likely feature dynamic wallpapers that change content depending on different factors. For example, Windows 10X has a mountain wallpaper that will have morning, afternoon, evening and night variations, which will be displayed based on the real time of your device. This wallpaper also has clouds that appear every now and then.

We do not know how many of these dynamic wallpapers will appear in Windows 10X and we do not know how complex they will be.

In the beginning exclusively for folding devices
surface neo spanning - Windows 10X: Everything you need to know

Windows 10X will only be available pre-installed on new devices, and these devices will start appearing in the second half of 2020. This means that if you want to use Windows 10X, you will need to purchase a new PC with Windows 10X pre-installed . The operating system will not be available for purchase or download for installation on existing hardware and will not be promoted as an update for Windows 10 users.

In the future, we expect Microsoft to make Windows 10X available for more devices than just foldable PCs.

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