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Three Amazing 4K Themes for Windows 10

Three Amazing 4K Themes for Windows 10

Microsoft today released three new 4K Premium themes for Windows 10 users. These are Bending Light, World of Bamboo, and Surfboards, all full of stunning wallpapers.

Three amazing 3K themes for Windows 4

The first of three new Microsoft themes for Windows 10 users is called Surfboards . We read from his description:

Take a look at the world of short and long boards, from this premium set of 16 4K images, free for Windows 10 themes. These images are to be used only as desktop wallpaper.

If you like it you can download it from the Microsft Store, from here.

The second issue is Bending Light

Three amazing 2K themes for Windows 4

Examine the elements of refractive and reflective light as it enters and exits through various prisms, in this premium set consisting of 18 4k images.

Download Bending Light Theme from here.

The third issue you name World of Bamboo.

Three amazing 1K themes for Windows 4
Read from the description: Bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants, is used in construction, textiles, textiles, food, musical instruments and more. Explore some bamboo creations in this set of 20 images in 4k quality.

Download the theme World of Bamboo from here.

After downloading one of the themes, to activate it you need to go to Settings> Personalization> Themes.

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