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Zoom stops security patch updates

Zoom stops security patch updates

Zoom, a popular teleconferencing service, has been suspending all new feature updates for 90 days as security researchers discovered too many security and privacy issues. So the company said it would take a break from adding new features to close the security gaps.

According to one Publication on the Zoom app blog, the number of daily active users has skyrocketed and is much higher than ever.

Last December, for example, the company had an average of 10 million daily active users, while it currently has around 200 million daily active users.

zoom - Zoom stops security patch updates

A few months ago the company was "caught" using code that allowed websites to launch your webcam without your consent. The company fixed this problem, but security researchers found more security and privacy issues.

The Zoom version of Windows has a particularly nasty security vulnerability that allows malicious users to steal Windows credentials. As we also mentioned the Zoom application is not end to end encrypted, despite the fact that the marketing department states that it is. Of course, let's not forget that before that, the company was "caught" sends your data to Facebook, even if you do not use Facebook.

The company says in its blog that they are shocked by the influx of new users and that it designed the Zoom service primarily for business users. The special IT departments of course impose new security measures.

All this sounds encouraging, as long as it becomes a reality.

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