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Android the best Antivirus from AV-TEST

Android the best Antivirus from AV-TEST

Many people think that security applications are necessary on Android, as it is very easy to release malware even from applications available through the Google Play Store. But choosing the best Antivirus is not easy.

This is because there are a lot of security products for Android that are supposed to protect your devices.

antivirus android - Android the best Antivirus from AV-TEST

The German company AV-TEST conducted tests to determine which antivirus is the best choice for Android devices.

As always, they evaluated each security product in three key areas (protection, performance and usability). Each test could get a total of six points, so in the end, the maximum score from an antivirus application is 18 points.

There are of course many security products that managed to get the rating of 18 points, such as the applications in the following list:

  • Ahnlab
  • Antiy
  • Avira
  • Bitdefender
  • G Data
  • NortonLifeLock
  • securiON
  • Trend Micro
antivirus android 1 - Android the best Antivirus from AV-TEST

In other words, if you are looking for a powerful Android security product, just choose one of the most reliable, and according to AV-TEST it should offer the best combination of protection, performance and usability.

Of course the final decision is yours, along with the responsibility. Personally, I would prefer a well-known brand name, from a company I hear for the first time, or less well-known.

Google Play Protect got only six points in performance and zero in protection and usability. In other words, if you are hoping that Google Play Protect will ensure that you are fully protected, this test shows that it is far from the reality and what developers promise.

Let us mention once again that if you want to stay safe on Android, just avoid downloading apps from sources you do not trust. Download apps to your Android device, just from Google Play Store and only after reading the comments and ratings. Because we have seen many cases from the official Google store.

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