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Firefox Private Relay: new service for fake emails

Firefox Private Relay: new service for fake emails

Mozilla developers are preparing a new service called Private Relay. The new service will be available as an add-on to Firefox, and will create unique aliases to hide a user's email address from companies that collect data when filling out online forms.

The service has been in testing since last month and is currently in beta. We will see the public beta later this year.

Firefox Private Relay - Firefox Private Relay: new service for fake emails

As mentioned, Private Relay will be available as a Firefox add-on and will allow users to create a unique email address (email alias) with one click.

The user can then enter this email address into web forms to send contact requests, subscribe to newsletters, or create new accounts.

"We will forward the email with your nickname to your actual inbox," Mozilla said on the Firefox Private Relay website.

"If a nickname starts receiving emails you do not want, you can turn it off or delete it altogether," the company said.

This idea has been around for decades, but managing these emails has always required extra work and standard email providers do not allow users to do so.

Via Firefox Private Relay, the Mozilla hopes to provide an easy-to-use solution that will allow users to create and destroy fake emails with a few clicks.

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