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PayPal: touch-free payments with QR Code in Greece as well

PayPal: touch-free payments with QR Code in Greece as well


PayPal Holdings, Inc. today introduced the ability to use QR Codes to buy and sell goods in 28 markets around the world. From popular shopping to selling second-hand products - the launch of the QR code feature in the PayPal app allows users to buy and sell face to face, with complete security and protection, and without any physical contact.

"Aware of the current situation, it is a fact that the purchase and sale of goods with specific hygiene standards, for maximum protection of safety, concerns a particularly large portion of the world internationally. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing an increase in the demand for digital payments and the corresponding transition to incorporate new data and new terms or conditions into in-person transactions, ”said John Kunze, Senior Vice President of Branded Experiences PayPal.

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"The launch of QR codes for buyers and sellers not only embraces a sense of security and protection, along with the convenience of using PayPal in-person services, but also takes into account current and evolving social distance requirements, even and now we are beginning to see the partial lifting or gradual easing of restrictive measures in many countries around the world. "

In addition, as part of PayPal's ongoing efforts to assist its customers during this difficult and demanding period, the usual existing transaction fees for any sales made using a QR code are temporarily waived for a certain period of time.

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Buying and selling safely and without any contact - from the public market to the sale of used goods

Using the built-in QR code feature in the PayPal app is a quick and secure way to complete a transaction in person, leveraging your PayPal digital wallet while eliminating the need to dispose of and use cash. For example, users who sell items in person at a public market are now able to print a QR code, place it on their counter, and simply ask consumers to scan the code, enter their market value, and send that amount immediately.

This process allows the retailer to minimize physical interaction with the customer, while also limiting customer interaction through the checkout process. No tech gadgets are required to make a purchase - just point and focus your smartphone camera at the QR code in print or on another screen.

For a buyer wishing to pay for a transaction, customers can go to the PayPal app, click 'Send' and touch the QR code reader in the upper right corner. The camera will open and consumers can then scan the seller's QR code and follow the instructions in order to complete the transaction. Merchants have the ability to create a PayPal-generated QR code by following the steps described here.

PayPal launches in 28 markets worldwide in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Estonia, United Kingdom, Japan, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Cyprus , Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland and Hong Kong.

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