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Chrome ends alert notifications from July

Chrome ends alert notifications from July

Chrome ends alert notifications from July

Google announced today that it plans to launch its new Chrome Spam notification system during the summer, with the release of Chrome 84 on July 12, 2020.

Internally, the feature is known as the "quieter notification permission UI," and is a new feature in Chrome that will block alert requests.push notifications - Chrome will end push notifications from July

Google first announces "quieter notification permission UI," in January and added it in February on Chrome 80, but to a limited extent.V34dzGIXBXQPetND Q Ohj5Z8MrrpLvFq1ahdoJriV1sag g4vhbhPB4 zTknGdNC4iuTxpFlln9jxzHss09BWK uWE0YREyimv4B jGOlDkYgiEmERBd5sout

However, in a suspension In its blog today, Google announced that the new pop-up detection feature has been upgraded and will be released by default for all users in July, with the release of Chrome 84.

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According to Google, Chrome will begin blocking and hiding all pop-up notification windows designed to mislead, deceive, or force users to allow notifications.

That is:

  • Alert requests that force users to enable alerts in order to access site content
  • Alert requests that display misleading prompts
  • Pop-up alerts that look like chat messages, or system alerts
  • Websites that have just received approval to display notifications in the browser, use the notifications to steal personal information or trick users into sharing personal information
  • Websites that have just received approval to display notifications use it to promote, host, or link to malicious or unwanted software.

Websites that use the notification API properly will be allowed to display notifications as long as they do not annoy users or use dark practices.

Webmasters who have registered their domain in Google Search Console can check if their site will be blocked from July through the Search Console control panel in the new Abusive Notifications Report section.

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