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Microsoft Build: Windows 10 from $ 25

Microsoft Build: Windows 10 from $ 25

Microsoft Build: Windows 10 from $ 25

If you are attending the Microsoft Build Developers Conference, which is being held exclusively online this year, the company is offering special discounts on some of its products.

So apparently this is the best time to get a Windows 10 license or a Microsoft 365 subscription, because the prices you will hear are incredible.

ms build - Microsoft Build: Windows 10 from $ 25

For example, Windows 10 Home, which is currently available for $ 99 from the Microsoft Store, costs only $ 24 if you attend the Build developer conference. The Pro version, which usually costs $ 199 in the Microsoft Store, is available for $ 40.

The same discounts are available for Microsoft 365. So a one-year subscription to the personal pack costs $ 14, up from $ 69. Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019, the standalone version of the suite, costs just $ 30 and Microsoft Office Professional 2019 is available for $ 88.

Microsoft does not offer discounts for computers like Surface, but for services and software, the price reductions are astounding.

A one-year Xbox Live Gold subscription costs just $ 30 for Build participants, while the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $ 90.

How to take advantage of these special prices? Microsoft has started sending emails to Build participants to announce bids. Simply register at the developer conference and you will receive an email with the price list.

Note that there are some restrictions, such as a $ 250 maximum spending limit. But the amount is enough for a Windows 10 license, a subscription to Microsoft 365 and Xbox Live Gold.

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