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Fresh Start and yet there is…. elsewhere

Fresh Start and yet there is…. elsewhere

Fresh Start

As we mentioned in previous publication, some Windows 10 users have noticed that their Fresh Start option was no longer there after the upgrade to Windows 10 2004.

The company introduced Fresh Start in 2016 to reinstall a clean version of the operating system directly from the Settings app. But Fresh Start, as we mentioned, has disappeared in the latest Windows 10.fresh start - Fresh Start and yet it exists .... elsewhere

Microsoft recently updated its support page, "Track your device and performance health in Windows Security", or explains what happened at Fresh Start.

According to the information published there, Fresh Start or "New Beginning" as mentioned by Microsoft in Greek has not been removed from the operating system but has been moved to another location.

Microsoft is not announcing all the changes when a new version of Windows 10 is released, and apparently the Fresh Start move was one of them.

The company states on the support page (en-US why in Ελληνικά has not been translated yet):

Fresh Start is available for versions of Windows 10 before 2004. For version 2004 onwards, the Fresh Start feature has been moved to Reset this PC.

You must open Fresh Start by following the path: Start - Settings - Update & Security - Recovery - Restore this computer - Start or Start  - Settings  - Update & Security - Recovery  - Reset this PC - Get Started.

Select "Save My Files" when prompted, select whether you want Windows to be installed from your PC or from the cloud, change the settings and select no when prompted to restore the pre-installed applications. Note that the option to restore pre-installed applications only appears if Windows 10 has found applications installed on your device.

The Fresh Start option was moved to Windows 10 Home and Pro. You must have administrator privileges to use this feature

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