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Face Depixelizer: Converts pixel images to photos

Face Depixelizer: Converts pixel images to photos

Face Depixelizer is an interesting application, with AI technology, that can accept a photo of a face with extremely low resolution and turn it into a realistic portrait photo.

facedepixelizer - Face Depixelizer: Converts pixel images to photos

Created by Russian developer Dennis Malimonov (Denis Malimonov) and according to its manufacturer, uses its power StyleGAN, which is famous for creating realistic portraits of people who do not exist.

After getting a face with low pixel resolution, the Face Depixelizer constantly creates faces with StyleGAN and reduces the resulting "photo", finding one that best fits the face of the original image.

Entrants do not even have to be real people. You can use the tool to see what the characters in the video game look like in real life. See the results Malimonov got when he put him starring Wolfenstein BJ Blazkowicz:

Ea8HeO0XQAEEE0f - Face Depixelizer: Converts pixel images into photos

Some people point out that this type of tool could be used to locate people who have deliberately edited their image in large pixels for privacy or security, but Malimonov's answer is that the tool does not show what it really looks like. the person, but just finds a random person to match.

This of course raises the question of where he finds all these photos as a database to compare them with the import image and if they really are non-existent persons. Is there your own person on this basis? When you share your photo publicly on social media, does anyone (s) collect all this data?

We will probably never know but for now you can use Face Depixelizer to play. You do not need to install, you can use Google Colab. The input photo should be square and you can start by pressing the button indicated by the red arrow and then scroll down to where the search button appears.

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